About Us

The Organic Warehouse is a place where you can find the best sustainable and organic products like fashion made from wood, glasses from Germany, handmade jewelry and many more things. We carefully choose the brands we sell and check them if they share the same values as we do: 

organic and sustainable

We are a place for people who stand for values. Values like sustainability or mindfulness. We’re the place for everyone who thinks outside the box and works towards a greener and more livable world. It’s the little steps that brings us closer to our goal, everyone can make a difference!

Under our roof, we put together all the #worldchanger



The concept of a sustainable store with mixed organic products was born already a couple of years ago by the Team of ERDBÄR. In 2018 we got the chance to open up our first pop up store in the Europark Salzburg, which is one of the biggest shopping malls in Austria. But our first concept wasn’t perfect, that’s why we’ve teamed up with AREA – Create identity and built everything new by ourselves from the scratch, to create the first 100% recyclable store made out of cardboard. And here we are now, bringing organic products from a sustainable store to the people, we really believe in the fact that we can make a difference in this world. We work as hard as possible towards a green and sustainable environment, so that our kids can enjoy this beautiful planet as much as we can do now! 

Here are some impressions: