New 100% recyclable Store!


The last months we’ve been working really hard on this and we’re proud to present you the first store which can be fully recycled! ♻️🌿 This is something totally new and different, the store is mostly made out of cardboard and some wood elements.
You can place this store in the forrest and it would be gone within weeks. We teamed up with Area – Create Identity, who are experts in store concepts and together we developed this project over the last 2 months. It was definitely a challenge to make this vision come alive, but we’re so happy that in the end everything worked out. We’re already planning the next steps to make our concept C02-neutral!


Our store is our vision of the future. It’s sustainable, it’s 100% recyclable and full of innovation. That’s why we chose cardboard as the main design element, because it’s made out of recycled paper and wood. All natural ingredients, for us – the future is green 🌿


Thanks to the EUROPARK for giving us a chance to make something new and by supporting our ideas! Thanks to the whole crew who worked their butts of to make this vision come alive. Special thanks goes to AREA – create identity for helping us, creating such a unique experience. We are really so thankful to have this opportunity to make a change by offering great organic and sustainable products.

Concept presentation will be on the 18th October in our new store! Come and say hi! 🙂



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